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We guarantee a seamless and sustainable experience. The expert team at Daksh always emphasizes targeting native, hybrid and cross-platform Android Developments.

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Android App Development

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Android App Development

Custom Android App Development

The Android developers’ team at Daksh are proficient in understanding your application's requirements. With a decade long experience in developing android applications, we are accustomed to creating the best your business deserves. Want to discuss with us? Just ping!

Android App Development

Android UI/UX Designing

Providing the best user experience is something that we aim for. Our team focuses on your targeted audience and try to create the best application suiting your customers’ needs. No wonder our applications are best in class with the most acceptable functions and captivating designs. After all, the first impression is the last one!

Android App Development

Android Web-based Apps

Our applications are easy to install. We prefer applications with no or the least maintenance and ones that NEVER compromise with security. We aim at keeping your applications flexible enough to expand with your business. Is not that what you want too?

Android App Development

App Porting

Often people face the most common challenge of getting their application port for various devices and OS. Our expert team can port your apps to make them relevant with the ever-developing technologies and industry standards. Want to add or remove some features? Our experts are here to help!

Android App Development

App Testing

Have you ever wondered what happens if the app runs smoothly on your systems but fails at the user end? Without proper testing, you may land in such a humiliating situation. Our quality expert team ensures to test repeatedly on different devices relentlessly. We make certain to develop a flawless application that increases your business and customers.

Android App Development

App maintenance and support

Again we just wish to remind you, only developing an app isn’t what we aim at! We are at your service throughout, right from developing to maintaining it from time to time. Want an upgrade? We are here to help! Want some new features to be added? We will take care of that! Your idea of any app can become live only when you take the first step - contact us!

Benefits Of Android App Development for Your Business

  • High ROI with Lower Costs
  • Enhanced Security
  • Best suited for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Reduces TTM (Time to Market)
  • Scope for Innovation
  • Evolving Platform
  • Versatility and Scalability
  • Installation of Custom ROMs
  • Target Multiple Platforms
Android App Development

Why do Clients Love to Stay Connected with Us?

Android App Development

Expert Android App Developers

To become the best android application development company one can afford nothing less than the best in the market. Our team of experts are the finest in their skills who know how to work dedicatedly and within the time limit.

Android App Development

Robust Architecture

Compromising on quality is not our cup of tea! When talking about security, our experts exert on using the best security protocols to make your apps perfectly secure with strong security layers!

Android App Development

Full Transparency

We believe in long term relationships with our clients too. With the regular reporting throughout the Android App Development Process, we ensure to keep you updated with every smallest detail of day-to-day work progress!

Android App Development

Technical Assistance

We do not leave you on your own once we are done with the entire development process! We know how much you’d be needing our assistance! Our expert team members ensure to provide you with any kind of technical assistance that might help you solve all your queries!

Android App Development

Flexible Hiring Models

Do you think developing an application will be too costly? Not, with our flexible hiring models wherein you can hire our team on an hourly or fixed price basis. Whatever method you may choose, we assure you to provide the best services, ALWAYS!

Android App Development

Upgrades & Confidentiality

We have a habit of developing with our clients. As their business develops, we help them develop their applications too. Worried your competitors might know your secrets? Not if you are working with us! Because they say Daksh means confidentiality!

Aajogo: The Best Android App Development Company in India

Aajogo Pvt Ltd is an expert in designing and developing. Enhancing the user experience of any mobile software, Aajogo has been a pioneer in providing all Android App Development Services supported on all Android OS versions. Our services include but do not confine to custom mobile apps, mobile SDKs and utility development. Integrating already developed apps with the back-end web service and corporate systems we provide a flawless and absolute experience.

Our forte lies in providing services to several sectors including business, news, music, games or any entertainment application. Our expertise also lies in applications related to traveling and navigation, healthcare and other quick communication apps.

Android App Development

Frequently Asked Questions:

The total cost of your android application depends on many factors including the platforms you choose, the categories in which your app falls, the complexity of the development process among others. The more features you wish to introduce, the higher the cost will be. Your cost may be affected by the country of the developer too. You can get the best quote only after thorough discussions. Willing for one? Contact now!

Of Course Yes! We suggest developing the apps in both the mobile platforms if your target audience includes people who are using both - Android and iOS! Flexibility only helps in reaching a larger audience with very little difference in your budget. Discussion can solve more matters, let’s discuss on the call. Contact now!

Our expert team has laid their hands on a variety of applications. Ranging from custom mobile apps, mobile SDKs to utility development, we have experience in all. We have always excelled in providing services to several sectors. Our forte lies in business, news, music, games or any kind of entertainment application. Our expertise also lies in applications related to travelling and navigation, healthcare and other quick communication apps. Want to discuss, contact now!

NO worries at all! Our expert team members are here to help you! From the inception to the development until the final execution of your thought, we are there to assist you! Our technical team will help you understand all the complexities whenever you wonder about any. When you bring your idea to us, we help you convert it into reality! Got an idea to discuss? Contact now!

Each project at Daksh is assigned to a project manager who guarantees to keep the client updated from time to time. How do we do that? By sending you working reports via emails. If needed, this project manager gets in touch with you on skype/whatsapp/regular calls to update you on the development of your project. Are you satisfied with our work? Let’s start your application development now! Contact now!.