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Over the past few years, research has shown the benefits of E-mail marketing services for the promotion and advertisement of business houses. E-mail marketing is a way to reach customers directly with the help of the electronic mail. Email marketing company is the easy way to track the details, carries low-cost and high conversion rates. E-mail is taken as a positive aspect of promotion. It is highly effective and powerful strategy for promotion.

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E-Mail Marketing Services

Promotional Bulk email Prices in India

Quantity Rate Total Gst (18%) Grand Total Action
100000 0.5 5000 900 5900 Buy Now
500000 04 20000 3600 23600 Buy Now
1000000 0.3 30000 5400 35400 Buy Now
2000000 0.25 50000 9000 59000 Buy Now

Transactional Bulk email Prices in India

Quantity Rate Total Gst (18%) Grand Total Action
100000 0.8 8000 1440 9440 Buy Now
500000 0.7 35000 6300 41300 Buy Now
1000000 0.6 60000 10800 70800 Buy Now
2000000 0.5 100000 18000 118000 Buy Now

Features of Email Marketing Services India

E-Mail Marketing Services

Pre-made Email Designs

Our pre-made email templates save you a lot of time in designing and creating an email from scratch. Just update your content and start communicating with your target audience.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Marketing Automation

Continuous contact with customers helps build long-term relationships. Save your time via automating your emails, autoresponders, abandoned carts, follow ups, and more.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Email Tracking and Analytics

Get a real time update on how your bulk emails are performing. Easily track who has opened and clicked your emails. Know the exact success rate and plan the future campaigns accordingly.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Email Spam Checker

Our email spam checker ensures that your emails don't end up in spam folders. It analyzes your campaigns and recommends changes for better deliverability.

E-Mail Marketing Services

A/B Testing

A/B testing email campaigns ensures that you send only the emails that are likely to drive more opens, clicks, engagement, and conversions.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Admin Panel with API Integration

Your CRM, Google Sheets and other applications can be easily integrated with our email marketing software and managed independently with our user-friendly admin panel.

What is Email Marketing Services?

Email Marketing services are used by businesses to send customized messages to the targeted audience. In other words, it is also known as direct marketing as you send the messages to only who are there in your email list. This therefore increases your open rates.

Companies use this form of marketing to advertise businesses, deliver important information, boost sales and improve brand loyalty.

E-Mail Marketing Services
E-Mail Marketing Services

Transactional Email Services

Unlike Promotional Email Services that are used for bulk messaging, Transactional Email services are personalized and sent to individuals once at a time. Such email services are generally used to trigger customers and fulfill marketing objectives by recovering abandoned carts, activating inactive users, confirming orders, notifying about product return/exchange, invoice, etc.

Transactional emails have a high open rate and can be used to cross-sell products and services and build stronger relationships with existing and potential customers.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Promotional Email Services

Promotional Email Services are used as bulk messaging services to create awareness about product and services, generate revenue, and improve customer retention and loyalty. The main objective of sending such emails is to generate interest among customers in order to lead them to make a purchase. Some of the common examples of promotional emails are discounts, coupons, limited time offers, subscribers special offers, etc.

Benefits of using Bulk Email Marketing Services India

E-Mail Marketing Services

Reach Global Audience

Unlike other marketing services, bulk email marketing services lets you reach a worldwide audience at the same price as the local.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Generate Traffic to your Site

Personalize your email according to your customers’ preferences and interests and reach them to bring to your website.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Better Brand Recognition

Regularly reaching out to your customers helps build a strong image in your customers’ mind.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Stronger Customer Relationship

Delivering required information consistently in the inbox amazes customers and assists businesses in building stronger relationships.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Boost your Sales and Revenue

Email marketing campaigns can boost your sales and revenue by promoting products or services, encouraging customers to purchase after abandoning their cart, or delivering special offers to your customers.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Audience Segmentation

With email marketing, you can easily segment your audience and send messages according to their interest and demand.

Aajogo - The Best Bulk Email Marketing Service Provider in India

When it comes to gaining huge success with the least budget then no other service in India can compete with Email marketing services. By acquiring such service from Daksh Info, you've already won half the battle.

Since its inception in 2011, Daksh Info has been serving its customers with various email marketing services packages which includes both promotional and transactional emails. Our email marketing services in India are affordable for all size businesses and include pre-made email templates, easy customization, 24/7 support, real time tracking of data, etc.

Invest in the Daksh Info to build strong relationships with your clients and make the best use of your time, money, and efforts.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Why Should Businesses Use Cheap Email Marketing Services in India?

Direct Access to your Customers

By directly reaching your customers inbox, you can influence them to visit your website and make purchases.

Results in reduced overhead costs

Rather than targeting the wider audience, you can target only the audience interested in your offers. This reduces overhead costs and saves money.

Enable marketers to send personalized messages

If you want to bring your customers back to your business again and again, reach out with their names. By doing so, customers will recognise your business more easily.

Offers information sharing

Want to spread word about your new launch, discount, coupons, etc? Send emails to your subscribers and share information to a wider audience.

Provide tools to track user engagement and sales

Our best email marketing services let businesses track how many users have opened, clicked and read their emails. This real-time tracking provides accurate data about user engagement and sales.

Provides test marketing insights

With our email marketing services company, you can easily test which email template, subject line, and content will work best for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, it is still effective. According to research, 80% of marketers use email marketing worldwide to communicate with their customers. No matter whether the email is opened or not, the company and the subject are always visible in the customer's inbox.

It all depends on your marketing strategy, such as how often you want to communicate with your customers. Once or twice a week is sane, but if you flood customers' inboxes with emails they will start unsubscribing.

No company can tell you the exact time when the best results will be achieved. For this, you need to analyze the results of your past campaigns. Experiment with different time slots and know which is driving best results for you.

To stop your messages from landing in the spam folder you need to follow some strategies like - write like a friend not as a salesperson, don’t send too much promotional content, and avoid using CAPS or mentioning sensitive words in the email copy.

Plain text emails are the best option if you just want to improve your deliverability. However, if you want to improve the overall user experience, visual display and maintain consistency, then HTML is the best option.