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Web design & development services involve designing, building, regularly supporting and gradually evolving different types of websites.

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Website Designing

Our Web Design and Development Services include

Graphic design services

Our designing philosophy blends customized web design, company recognition, and a consistent look and feel. Your user watches and feels about your brand. This feel is created via the design and layout of our expert graphic designing team.

Dynamic website design

Identifying the challenges during any kind of designing process our talented team members provide apt solutions for your website. Technically, designing is the process of planning, conceptualizing, arranging content and installing graphics intended for sending messages to your customers. That’s what the team at Daksh does!

Static website design

Whether you are a start-up, an individual or a small business unit, you want people to feel connected with you when they visit your website. Providing long-term solutions, our expert team members design and create the best business solutions for your site.

Responsive web design

If a website is unable to keep its users engaged, the website is of no use. Our expert web designers and developers create websites that deliver flexible and unmatched user experiences. Delivering the best business solutions our experts help you reach and remain in the memory of your users forever.

CMS Web Design

Effective CMS web design is all about creating an interface that matches the client’s requirements. Our creative designers present some of the best examples of such an interface. Being imaginative with their designs, they help provide the finest digital solutions for your business.

Corporate website design

A website is not only insight but is also responsible for creating the reputation of a business. We aim at strengthening this character of your company. An exquisitely informative website can keep your customer engaged and help you earn their trust.

Blog Website Design

While blogs across the web world help earn you traffic, the blog designs on your website hold equal importance. We, at Daksh, aim to cater a separate blog section for your website that is equally interactive and engaging to your users.

Ecommerce website design

Often there are several categories on an eCommerce site. Yet, keeping things as simple as possible is the key to a successful eCommerce website. For encouraging your customers to make use of your site, the call-to-action buttons have to be the easiest approach.

Creative Logo Design

Logos are the main representation of your business. They are like the face of your business. If you have already thought of making a website, but haven’t yet decided on your logo, we can help you fix that. The team at Daksh are experts in creating the most attractive designs that represent your thoughts and your business perfectly.

Template Design

Different template designs can help your website reach an audience with different perceptions. Our expert team creates attractive and befitting templates for you to use across your websites.

Web Portal Design

We ensure to make your web portal look more than just a website. A web portal has to be completely interactive to be able to deliver all the detailed information collected from all the diverse sources. We aim at creating a dedicated area for each information source that makes it easily accessible.

The Best Website Designing Company in India

Are you wondering how your dream website can be converted into a reality? Well, you need not fantasize anymore! The expert team of web designers and web developers at Aajogo Pvt Ltd will bring your imagination alive. Whether your fantasy revolves around a single-page website in static mode or it includes complex web applications, our team of expert web designers and developers helps you create the website of your dream.

A website is an insight into the brand or the product you have to offer. Its presentation will include the designing, coloring, text, shapes, graphics and above all, the user experience. Web designing, in layman's terms, can be explained as the display, the design, the first interaction of any website. Web Development, on the other hand, includes all the work done to develop a website for the use of the internet or intranet. So, once you have shared your dream with us, the best website designing company in India will get into action.

Website Designing

Why Choose Aajogo for designing your Website?

Website Designing

Professional & Creative Team

Our web design services team includes a handful of professionals who put their best efforts to design your website. Our expert team includes project managers, graphic, UI/UX designers, coders and developers. Want to work professionally, meet us!

Website Designing

SEO Friendly

We understand that creating an online presence alone isn’t sufficient. You will need your website to rank on the top in Google search results. Our skilful team can create an SEO-friendly website for your business. Want assurance, choose us now!

Website Designing

On-Time Delivery

They say time is money. So do we! Delivering on time, working with strict deadlines, not compromising with the budget are some of our salient features. We pride ourselves on fulfilling the client’s requirements within the targeted time. Looking for on-time delivery of your site, meet us!

Website Designing

11 Years of Experience in the Industry

Experience matters! With more than a decade in coding, decoding, designing, redesigning we have become one of the best web designing and developing companies in India. Unlike many, we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients. Looking for a sustainable business relationship, choose us!

Website Designing

Latest Technology

Regularly updating ourselves with the latest technologies, we have marked a niche in web designing and development services. While our team includes senior members with experience, we constantly add on with young energetic team members too! Want to rely on experience with the latest technologies, trust us!

Website Designing

100% Customer Satisfaction

Aiming to deliver a client's requirement within the time limit can sometimes be tiring. But that’s what the best web designing and development company strives for. Aiming for 100% customer satisfaction, we deliver nothing less than the best for your business. Want to go with the best, go with us!

Website Designing

Robust Solutions

We prefer providing the finest digital solutions for your business. After a thorough study and keen analysis of your business, we present you with the best solutions. The project managers confirm to develop a personalized approach to your website. Looking for that personalized touch on your website, approach us!

Website Designing

Budget-Friendly Services

We understand how much a start-up or a budding business needs your time and money. That becomes easier with our flexible budget-friendly options for your business. We emphasize creating cost-effective websites best suited to your taste and interest. Want to work with an interesting team, select ours!

Website Designing

An organized project plan

All of the above can never be approached if one does not plan. Strategic planning is the basis of every web design and development. A well-organized plan can do wonders. Want a wonderful website, work with us!

We design websites for a wide variety of industries

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    Retail & eCommerce

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    Education & eLearning

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    Travel & Tourism

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    Finance & Banking

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    Technology & Consultancy

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    Logistics & Transportation

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    Hospitality & Entertainment

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    Real Estate

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    Food & Beverage

Frequently Asked Questions:

Since we design a mockup of your homepage first, this rarely happens. We will send you a design layout in Photoshop that needs to be reviewed by you. Only after your approval, we will begin our work. Please feel free to suggest changes to the site or stop working with us if you don't like anything about it. This won’t cost anything to any of us.

Absolutely! We offer logo design services as well. Our expert team can help you design a logo if you don't already have one.

If you have already purchased a hosting package, we will host your website on the server you have purchased. If not, we offer a paid hosting service also.

Yes! The importance of mobile-friendly websites has increased more than ever. Today, no website can rank in any search engine if it's not mobile-friendly. Therefore, we make sure that your website looks great on a wide variety of devices and your users find no difficulty in surfing your website via mobile.

You will be responsible for providing the content for your website as you have a better knowledge about your business. In case, you are unable to arrange content for your website, our content writers can write it for you which will be extra chargeable.