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Stop using traditional methods to generate leads for your business. Aajogo has come up with new marketing techniques to serve you with qualified and verified leads in least time and money possible. With us, only pay for what you get.


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Types of Lead Generation


Market Qualified Leads

Market Qualified Leads are the contacts who have filled the form but didn’t inquire about your product and services. This shows, these contacts got engaged with your marketing tactic but right now they are not ready to get converted.


Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Sales Qualified Leads are the contacts who have filled your form to inquire about your product and services. This shows that these contacts are ready to become your paying customer.


Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

Product Qualified Leads are the contacts who have used your free/ limited version of a product and who are now ready to become your paid customer via buying the paid upgraded version.


Service Qualified Lead

Service Qualified Lead are contacts who want to upgrade their existing services and become your paid customer.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation involves creating interest among strangers, building relationships with them, and then converting them into paying customers. The main goal of all lead generation strategies is to guide a potential buyer to the sales funnel. Since, every industry works differently, however, a lead generation strategy for every industry differs on the basis of their size of ticket, products and services they are offering and so on.

What Strategy Aajogo Use to Generate Leads for Your Business?
  • Step 1: Choosing the appropriate marketing channel according to your business type and size.
  • Step 2: Creating a compelling and customized marketing campaign to reach a wider audience.
  • Step 3: Run A/B tests to see which campaign has the greatest impact.
  • Step 4: Segmenting the audience who have shown genuine interests.
  • Step 5: Delivering the list of qualified candidates to the clients.

What Sources do We Use to Generate Leads for you?


Social Media Platforms

We use various social media platforms to deliver best results to our clients. Such platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. On these platforms, we produce eye-catching content to attract your potential or say target audience. The message we provide via our social media platforms will build your image in the market. Today brand awareness is a must for every business in order to gain business and generate qualified leads.


PPC Advertising

PPC stands for Pay Per Click which is the another best way to get qualified leads for businesses. This is basically a paid advertising that is used to run on internet search results. You can also say that this is another way of buying quality visits to your site.


Email Marketing

Many people think that Email marketing is no more effective. However, this is not true. If you target the client according to their interest, demographic, and time, you can easily pull your customers towards your brand. Email marketing plays a crucial role in targeting and retargeting your potential customers via providing them the best offers like discounts, coupons, etc. to convert them.


Affiliate Marketing

It is a way of getting customers via a third party platform. In affiliate marketing, the websites and bloggers put their links on third party websites to drive traffic from their website. This program charges commission or say fees for per lead generated.


SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a process in which a company can target a bulk audience in one go. Since SMS Marketing is so cheap, it is the most economical method to generate leads.


IVR Services

IVR stands for Internet Voice Response. In this type of service, a human intervention is eliminated in order to save the cost of the salesperson and generate high ROI. The IVR process is automated to give your customers 24/7 service. A company could either opt for a fully automated IVR system or can get it customized according to their business needs.

Aajogo - The best Lead Generation Services Company in India

Aajogo has been serving the digital marketing industry for more than a decade now. Our company's foremost goal is to provide customers with what is trending and what is best for their long-term business goals. With various digital marketing services, we also deal in Lead generation services that focus mainly on providing qualified leads to our clients. Based on your ticket size, we use all available methods to give you the best leads that are ready to convert. If you compare our prices in the market, you will find that we are offering the most affordable lead generation services in India.

At Aajogo, we identify potential customers and drive them to you so that you get the best chance of impressing and converting them.


Benefits of Availing Professional Lead Generation Services

Target the Right Audience

Targeting the specific market and focussing on the right audience could save a big chunk of money, time, and resources. As a result, high Return on Investment (ROI).

Increased Brand Awareness

While running various lead generation campaigns, you spread your brand name in the market which in return increases your brand visibility. Once people start recognising your brand, you can start serving them with your products’ features and benefits.

Quality Leads

With a lead generation campaign, you get better insights of who will convert and will resist. Therefore, you can reach out only to the people who are more likely interested in your product and service.

Reduced Cost per Lead

Hiring a professional team will not only help you to get the qualified leads but will reduce your cost per lead. Since professionals are well aware of which method will work best for your industry, cost cutting can be done smartly.

Increased Sales and Revenue

While generating leads, you can filter out the segment who are ready to convert but resisting due to high prices or any other reasons. Reach them out with good offers, discounts, etc and improve your sales and revenue.

Eliminate or Reduce Cold Calling

When you can get quality leads who are more likely to convert with a little effort, then why spend a lot of time and money on cold callings? Hire the best Lead Generation Services and eliminate traditional methods of generating leads.